Tuesday, 26 January 2016

RIP, gallant POS

So, we could not save Old Values' POS in J22-whatever. This, as foreshadowed, was as much down to poor planning as it was poor execution, and being outmanned by Wingspan.

It is hard to motivate to turn up to an event where the enemy runs the Covert ops Cloaking Device II as their primary weapon system and denies fights they can't win at 14:1 odds. I mean, beyond the visceral enjoyment of playing bubble games and watching these idiots decloak-cascade on each other and warp in uncloaked to their safespots. That's good craic.

Nevertheless, you have to respect a group's autism and devotion to the cause of doing incredibly boring shit for 6 days to not kill a carrier. I mean, I've been there, done that, and stopped doing it because i've been playing this game longer than most of these guys have had pubes, so it's boring to me. Buuut....if you have barely crawled out of your mommy's uterus lining and just discovered that you can fly a Yacht and can (in a very basic, simian-brain way) obey simple commands, you can contribute to hole control long enough to confound the defence fleet.

We weren't assisted by almost all of the defenders deciding to go to bed instead of defend their shit, but in the end, it's their loss. Plus if Wingpants sticks around in that hole, they'll be providing plenty of content. So a win for EVE, I suppose.

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