Saturday, 15 June 2013

Dual-prop armour cyclone test-run

I got back from the desert post-Odyssey. Prior to the national broadband network going live in Australia (assuming the Liberals don't nobble it with a retarded fiber-to-the-node cheapass option) my net is acting up, so it took a whole day to patch. It was like being in Nigeria or something.

Anyway. Odyssey is...odd. First thoughts, having not bothered buying any of the changed ships....

The alt-ctrl-shift assignations for probing are changed. Why? I don't know. It annoys the bejeesus out of me. No doubt I will adjust.

The probes launch in a formation. People have been asking for this for ever. The downside? Its not OCD perfect-mans min-maxed probe pattern...but it really is insanely faster than before. This has major benefits for ninja probing - 6 probes into space instantly versus being on scan for a good 2 minutes. Bonus.

Seeing the sigs in space is...cheat-mode for everyone. It has its pros, and its cons. I found a wormhole out of Frerstorn into Amarr hisec. Went there to haul in Amarr ice products, and saw 3 sigs in system. Its like...OK, I guess one is the hole I came from, and at least one more must be a wormhole. So, out go the probes, to join the 15 already on scan in system. Pros: there's at least 3 other numpties aware of the presence of wormholes. Cons: Well, there's 3 other idiots to take into account while snooping about.

Anyway, whilst doing my carebear trade hauling of vital goods, I probe into the other 2 wormholes in Ordoin. In one, a hole camp of Phobos, Cane, large T2 bubble, 50 Tengus on scan and reinforced POCOs. Shit jumping in and out.

Second wormhole was a C2 where a Russian carebear was running anoms in a Legion.

I have a limited selection of ships at the moment, having given them all away. one which I didn't give away was the experimental duap-prop armour Cyclone. Having no options and it being 3:45 a.m. insomnia times, I dusted it off for it's maiden voyage.

I landed within 25km of the guy with the last wave's BS in deep hull. Perfectly timed, as usual. Point, web, TD's and MWD into range. The guy tried to shoot mee, but with the AB on, orbiting and TDing him while my pissy two small neuts tried to clean off his cap, he took 4 minutes to get through the shield. He popped the sleeper BS to clear it's DPS off the field....and the bonus Sleepless Outguard spawns.Crap.

Still, it took a hell of a long time for the combined DPS of the Legion and the Outguard to wear down the buffer on the Cyclone. I warped out in hull and exchanged GFs with the Legion pilot who informed me that I may have lost my ship if he'd had a point. I informed him that had he had a point and not an oversupply of cap rechargers, and the Outguard hadn't spawned (and attacked me), he'd probably have cacked it. He provided a rejoinder that he was faster than me even while webbed, and I reminded him that was my AB, and I had a MWD up my sleeve to keel-haul his arse if he did get out of web range. But that is another trouser-leg of history, perhaps.

The verdict on the maiden voyage of the RSS Reverse Gangbang?  As a scaled-up version of the old dual-prop SFI, it is fairly awesome for a BC and, like all Minmatar ships, is clearly awesome in both shield and armour versions. It may benefit from going single prop and upgrading to medium neuts (it would definitely have helped to cap the T3 out).

Thus, Odyssey is much the same, just more traffic in low-end wormholes, and more people aware that the Expnded Probe launcher I exists and can be used to make money. But the best revelation will be for nullsec dwellers hunting their 8/10's and 9/10's. That's where Odyssey will be making a big impact. Oh, and S199's.

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