Thursday, 23 May 2013

So...about those billions

I took a 3 month hiatus from EVE due to clinical depression. I logged in from time to time in between long skills in the mean time. I trained on TF Cap Projectile 5, Carriers 5, all that shit you would be mad to suffer through when playing day-to-day.

So I am sorta back. Life is on a more level path; I have a job doing geology out in the desert again 2 weeks on, 1 off. Well, for another 2 months. Working keeps you on the straight and level, gives you something to do. So that's a positive. On my week off, I need something to do, and since I haven't got tumblr, and a bit of sociability is good, I'm faffing about.

So. I guess I should explain what I did when I quit in February.

I gave away about 20 billion in raw ISK, to broke-ass motherfuckers, friends and enemies. I handed out another 10-20 billion in ships. I can't even remember what was on the Bhaalgorn, but it was pimped as fuck.

Most of the people who got the money either returned it until I insisted, or have said they'll repay me. I don't really care, but depending on what I get up to and whether or not it involves a Naglfar now they have rebalanced it into a fucking stupid alpha dread, I might call those favours in.

It is also not like it is hard to make money. I am also still discovering shit lying about the place, including a Rattlesnake hull, a Tengu and a Tempest plus 5 brutixes. I also still have a giant wad of Republic Fleet LP's un-cashed. And my 5 remaining BLOPs hulls (alll pimped).

Bragging? Hardly. This is now a bonus. I had thought I'd stripped down to 1,000 rounds of ammo and a Vargur and discover I even have 320M cash, because I had sell orders on the market. Everything I have is more than enough.

I think, also, that there isn't much point having 30-40 billion worth of shit. It never got used. I always flew cheap ships and killed shit with them. Sometimes I'd not get a fight because I was out-spent on ships and booster alts, but it didn't frustrate me too much, I just adjusted to avoid fights where boosts and implants and pimp were on the line.

That doesn't mean I won't drive my marketing hard. Liquid ISK is easy to come by without drudgery and grinding missions (except for the RF LP's which were a consequence of sec status grinding anyway). It is also pointless having more trade SP's than 99% of players and not leveraging them.

As to what you do with all that ISK, aside from PLEX? Well, PLEX might be on the cards now you can cash in for dual toon training. I've got alts which could always use cyno skills, trade skills and the like. Still, aside from that, one of the better things I did was give five noblets fragments of my Pile of Shit (which was of epic proportions). Four of them went on to PVP careers, using the endowment I gave them.

There's something good about ensuring people can enjoy the game, which otherwise they'd be stuck spending hours of their lives grinding for ISK, which you can make in a jiffy.

Plus, there's always alpha nags.


  1. Trinket's Friend is BACK! This is a big bonus. Hope to you see you back on the forums soon!
    Good to have you back, mate. And glad to hear you got everything back under control.

  2. Glad you're feeling better mate, I have some small ships you gave me if you need them back?

    1. Nah, its OK. It won't take me long to get my ISk reserves built up again. Made a billion already.


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