Sunday 23 September 2018

Work Ate My Blogging

Yeah, so there's a lot I'd like to say, but I don't have time to say it. The TL;DR version?

  • HIC changes are needed. Kvetching is irrelevant. But you'll get a dumbass mass-reduction module, hopefully for use of more than just HICtors, and hopefully something that completely assfucks you, like stops you from cloaking. Fuck you are your "got to be 100% safe whilst rolling" bullshit.
  • ECM changes are dumb. Like, really dumb. But again, it moves ECM from a way of victimising people who get caught by a gang of enemies (eg; solo PVPers will be less assfucked by a single Falcon) to a tactical asset you use to get rid of, say, the enemy DPS or logi or tackle, etc. 
  • I have a solo combat Falcon for sale, if anyone is looking.
  • Nullification changes. Stop whining. You can still roam and get tackle, you just have to burn through bubbles again, with your gang of ships that travel at 4km/s. Stop whining you lazy shitlords. 
  • Damavik changes. Too little, too late? Like, this should be the frig of choice for W-R brawling, but good luck with that crap, amirite? And how dumb is CCP thinking a 2 midslot ship was ever going to, did they not learn from the Punisher?
  • Overall activity in EVE is down. Sure the logon numbers are 'healthy' but a huge amount of them are now SP farm alts and rorqual alts feeding the titan proliferation. So, yeah, EVE isn't dying, but it's definitely caught a flu. 

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