Monday, 5 September 2016

Command Bursts and the Diablo II Paladin Gang

Firstly-firstly, may I laud the death of the so-called Leet PVPer kitefag homofucking cock gargling shithole cowardfucks who have abused the God mode OGB link boats since the day CCP gone fucked their cousin's earhole by putting them in the game in the first place.

Good riddance you over entitled shitlords. Go fuck your sisters.

Bt anyway. I digress.

I used to do multiplayer Diablo II back in the day in co-op mode. The most hilarious high-level co-op group we rolled was four high-level Paladins running auras, like thorns. because the Thorns stacked fom each of your buddies when monsters attacked you they took 800% of their own damage back. It was kinda broked.

We will have to see what the new Command Bursts (CB) will do, but I can foresee that this kind of pulse boosting leading to small gangs of Command Ships or Combat Battlecruisers all glomming up within each other's AEO burst modules on grid to get max awesome. This will kinda be similar to the group of Paladins.

For example, a group of 2 Eos and 2 Damnations each loading 2 CB modules could cover 8 of the 9 available armour / skirmish / EWAR boosts. Plus of course, you'd have some kind of DPS.

Secondly, there's obviously a bit of LOLs to be had with CB effects sticking to ships like cooties. So lets say you have a group of ships around an Orca in uedama. Lets say Catalysts or something. Someone lets off a CB and the ships get a buff. Some ne'er do well clones board the ships and before the magic glow fades, they warp across system and #YOLO onto a freighter or something. Like, someone else's neutral logi, for argument's sakes.

There's also a JUGE change with the bursts giving actual nett tank. Like, 21.5% hitpoints sprayed onto your fleet? Lets say you jump a wormhole with your gang of AHACs and Guards and have a Damnation with an Armour Reinforceent CB. You all uncloak and the Damnation bursts and magically you all have 21.5% more EHP. That's pretty interesting.

Likewise the Skirmish boosts are going to be very interesting given it's no longer a permanent Ludicrous Speed mode off-grid bullshit factor. The need to be within range of the CB to get the buff means this will become less about kitefage4evar and more about, for instance, a burst to shoot out from your ball of doom in a burst of speed and land that long web on your kiting faggot foes. This is a much more intriguing and skillful use, and no doubt the Balance legion cancerboat pilots will bitch when they get secret CB keelhauled.

The least useful links, as usual, will be infolinks. The Sensor Integrity link is going to be useless for anyone actually under a jam cycle, and of limited use for anyone not. The only effect it will counter is damps, and it's useful for that. Second least useful is the sensor optimisation link. Like, OK, can't we just fit a Sensor Booster these days? And if you're fighting at range and need those links to target, when they go down it's....kinda balls. Third least useful is the Electronic Superiority link, mostly because while the effect is good the need to be in range of your jam boat is...well, who parks a Falcon near the booster? I guess we'll all have to learn new ways of flying Falcons.

The skill modifiers for Leadership, Wing and Fleet command are interesting. I have suddenly come into the market for Fleet Command skill where previously I had no need, because now it adds vital range (20% @ level 5) whereas previously it just let you add rainbows to up to 5 wings.

There's definitely now a distinct need for a well-rounded Battlecruiser, Command Ship and T3 pilot to train these up, because we should see some of the "G4 Paladins" BC gangs rolling about.

Consider, say, a group of Drakes. With a flapping free high slot to use, they could each fit a CB module and cast boosts at one another quite effectively. This would increase their gang's potency quite effectively, and in a different way than having a fifth alt just warping off to a safe spot and being a sly unprobable I Win button in the stars.

So, sure, the godly "solo" PVPers are going to be cutting along and not across, but they can at least rip some SP's out of their boosting toons and redeploy the gayness into a Drake or a Cyclone, Myrmidon or Prophecy.

it will be hilarious watching their ISK efficiency drop off a cliff for a month come November.


  1. I think that the effect sticking to the ships will continue to help the "solo" pvp players. Since most small 1v1 fights are determined in less than a minute, effects sticking to the ship for 2min (I read that somewhere, don't quote me) will be more than enough to warp to a plex and engage. Even if it wears off half way through the fight it will have made a difference in the outcome.

    1. That's true. But the real kitefag link abusers are the guys who lurk at the Plex for ever, tooling about in dramiels / cynabals or FOTM shit (Balance leagion) and make use of the deadspace warp issues. No one aside from incursus pilots and the odd Venga pilot really overuse tank links and get complaints about that in FW.

      So yes, will require a change of attitude. 2 mins is lng enough to affect an actual fight, but not sufficient to let you lurk on grid forever. Plus when your uber links wear out, if you're tackled, you're toast.

  2. I thought the ranges were a little on the low side, especially for people just training into the ships they're going to end up with 10-20km ranges. I guess you can always buy skills now to 'get gud,' but the top end of 50-60km seems like a pretty big bonus to brawling.

    I guess anywhere outside of wormhole space kitey is the meta anyway.

    1. Yeah, this is definitely skewed towards brawl, and armour. But there's few people who have really seen armour links as being OP for now, because all the links do is gives you more EHP / reps, and not ungodly speed that prevents anyone catching you, or ridiculous point range, webs, etc. Shield brawl will be a thing now? I dunno.


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