Wednesday, 8 June 2016


is it just me, or is EVE quiet at the moment? Wormholes certainly seem to be. With Citadels, you warp to them faster (speeding up your d-scan hunt for POSs) and then look at it for 5 seconds and think "The fuck if I know if anyone;s there or active or AFK or whatever." and off you warp.

Thrilling gameplay.

Lowsec, only <1 month old noobs come through, or hauling toons in Viators, because instalock carriers are the go-to thing. I've even been running 5/10's in a Vargur recently, because it's 1-2 hours between neuts in local.

Thrilling gameplay, huh?


  1. summer slow down maybe? I dunno

  2. That's because they're all off shooting Goons in Saranen. Well, they were, at least...

  3. We've had some okay fights. But it is telling that when we hit a much larger group they'll basicly do anything to get a fight (downship, arranged, 1 at the sun). That kind of stuff, while a nice gesture kind of defeats the cloak and dagger mind games that make wormholes fun.

    A lot of my pos bookmarks are for dead sticks. When we got the second c4 static there was celebrating, but I can't help but wonder if we're victims of our own success with higgs, siggy, and the resultant quick or long chains.

    Plus it gets boring rolling into t3 fleets supoorted with a geddon, 2-3 guardians, a cloaked falcon, and rhe sabre. I know we tend to fly unusual fleet comps, but nothing seems more boring than rolling into a 10-15 man t3 fleet.

    We could batphone, but that just seems like more of what is boring/broken? About wh space.


  4. Willow Windwalker10 June 2016 at 14:08

    Been scanning 3 hours per day for a week now. 1 Buzzard and 1 Helios so far. Decided to read a book instead.


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