Friday, 25 July 2014

Natalia's welcome to corp

You can blame me for Johnny Twelvebore. You're welcome.

The BUGRY business model and value proposition may not be entirely self-evident to everyone. So let me just lay it out for you by showing what happens in your first week of Sudden Buggery.

Natalia Raholan joined Sudden Buggery on the 16th July. The toon has 2 losses and zero kills and 8M SP's total, 2.5M of which were in refining, and 750K in mining barges.

An example Harby fit Natalia linked to us upon joining was dual-tanked, had beams and pulses, and was not what I would call survivable. This is not unusual for people who just join up to do the easy stuff with mates in hisec - low-intensity activities like mining, missioning, etc, and not shown the ropes by anyone.

We sorted out a training queue for her, directed where the next month or so of training ought to go, got him familiar with the bookmarks, the comms, got a Prophecy fit sorted out as best we could...and got interrupted halfway through by intelligence of a Mackinaw and a Tengu in our new O477. So Natalia found his way in and sat on the hole, and within 4 hours of joining corp had a Tengu kill.

A few days passed, and then our newest player is involved in a Paladin gank, and the slaying of a smartbombing Rokh in Aunenen.

Within a week, we've trained our new member to be across Siggy, wormhole basics, got him used to losing a couple of ships and got him a killboard which is off to an amazing start. True, not a lot of this is his own work, but that's not the role of someone who is learning what takes years to do properly.

The real value of Sudden Buggery, to newer players at least, is thus the fact the corp and allies are there to take someone and expand their appreciation for what's possible in EVE. You do not need millions of SP's or millions of ISK (let alone billions) to play the game. You need a modicum of deication and the ability to get over the trepidation at taking the first step into wormholes.

It's harder work than high security space, but the rewards are greater, and so if the value for money for your subscription (or the hours you put into playing so you don't need to pay).

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