Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Goat Sects

They say the first step is to admit your problem. In this respect, my problem was that I thought 135M SP's equalled nullsec ready for NCDOT.

Oh no, no, no.

You see, I have spent my training time on things such as, all races BS to 5. Minmatar Carrier to 5. Minmatar Dread to 5 and Capital Projectile 5. All T3's. Etcetera.

In a way, I really ought to have not bothered with NCDot. Not because they were lame (though Poison Kevin is a fucking retard FC who I refused to fly under), or bad, or sucked or any of that stuff. Nor were they failcascading - far from it, it's clear to me the organisation is strong, and focused and loyal and disciplined. In fact, it's the discipline which in many respects is the problem when you are a bit of a chameleon.

Whereas these guys buy and trade toons and capitals and supercapitals on a weekly basis, and just buy a dread alt which can fly the doctrine, I don't. Their solution to not being able to fly a Moros is to buy a pre-minted toon for their 2nd or 3rd character slot which can fly a Moros, and maybe iron out a few imperfetions in it (JDC 5, fuel conservation 5, etc).

In a way, this is efficient, effective and sensible. For me, it's not. I don't want to just have an account stacked with dread or slowcat alts. Faceless, useless slot fillers with just the minimum skills to pad out a place in the line of ships which get pushed around nullsec in giant capital blobs to push timers down, secure in the knowledge that if you meet the Doctrine fit, you get SRP, so...who cares, right?

So, faced with 3 months and 600M in skill books to reconfigure my main (let alone my alt) to Archon and Moros/Revelation, or in the least T2 Siege so i can takee my Nag along and get SRP, I went away.

I'vee decided that I'll get back to what I do best. Running a small corp - badly - and attaching it to allied organisations to force multiply, and thereby provide content for myself, and the poor fools who've shackled themselves to the banner.

This time, it's going to be Goat Sects. It will be based out of lowsec, and it'll be piratical, sorta. Piratical enough, anyway. Maybe when there's a solid core of 6-8 meatbods, we'll move into a C3 with U210 or C2 with A239/D382, because damn BUGRY had some fucking good fun in the U210 we had before.

Alliance wise, I am keeping my options open. 

We'll see how it goes.

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