Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Bubble Danger

Bubbles are a danger as much to your friends as they are to your enemies.

When we jumped in our static we noticed some smacktalk in Russian, an Onyx, Retribution, Hookbill on scan toward a wormhole, Drake, Claymore, Cane and Tengu at a POS.

We probed them down and discovered the Onyx, Retri and Hookbill on  a B274 hisec. The rest were at a POS, buttoned up and active.

We decided to shoot them. When you fight on a hisec wormhole, people can easily escape. Thus, you need a way of getting people off the wormhole. The Onyx gave us the angle, we just needed to set up a trap.

The trap was a Procurer we warped to the hole; the Retri had lleft just before, but the Onyx and Hoookbill started shooting the Procurer as it slowboated toward the hole, it's 57K HP slowly whittling away.

As expected, the Onyx and Hookbill pilots blurted on comms something like "lol, a Procurer warped into the bubble!". The Drake and the Retri came back, but the Retri chose to double down in a Legion.

Both landed within 3km of my alt's cloaky Proteus. I too had warped from the vicinity of their POS and landed at the edge of the Onyx's bubble, exactly where they would. Webs, scrams, DPS, and it was all done.

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