Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Back at it?

it has been a while since I blogged here, for various reasons.

One, BUGRY got cleaned out by a director, so we lost some stuff and members. Ten, maybe fifteen billion ISK, depending who you ask. Not really a lot. But it caused a bit of blood-letting in the ranks and lots of hurf and blurf, and members went by the wayside.

Then I got busy with IRL stuffs, and also due to above, played EVE rarely.

The remaining few active members in the corp decided we would start factional warfare, which took a month of grinding missions and standings. Finally, we have settled in and here we are. 23 kills a week, 98% ISk efficiency, and lots of fun.

As for this blog? Well, wormholing is either in your blood or not, and it is in mine. So I've been making chaos and ganking people in wormholes anyway - and thus I guess, it is worth restarting the blog, for there is much pontification to be had. But maybe not today, because I'm sick with a weird illness and I need a lie down.

But maybe later, I shall tell you about the Station Bubble Trick, and the gestating plans of Project Bandcamp.

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  1. Great news! not your illness ofc, but that you are going back to writing good stuff. I always read your posts with much interest.

    Can't wait!


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