Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Seven P's of Pew Pew

Warfare, in EVE as elsewhere, is won by the Seven P's: Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss-Poor Performance. This is a part of warfare, and indeed corporate administration and alliance-level organisation, that I see neglected all too often.

For instance, this weekend, a Suddenly Ressurrected Sudden Buggery is going to kick open a wormhole home. Sure, its a C2 with C3/Hisec and we are fortunate that the locals are a (now smaller than us) Russian carebear operation with a shitfit POS. We are also fortunate that all manner of offers of help and "yeah were bored enough" came out of the woodwork to beef our numbers up. I would not be surprised to see 20+ RR BS turn up for this POS reinforcement which is, frankly, pretty awesome for a corp that is reborn only 4 days ago.

The key to the success of this operation is the logistics and preparation. Plus of course, discovering your mining alt somehow has a billion ISK you forgot about, and a stash of POS towers left over from last time. Those are advantages you get with playing a while, and with experience, remembering to hold on to the lot pile when you shut the corp for mental health reasons.

What logistics have I had to organise?

  • An alt in an AFK Geddon, so I can F1AFK the shield phase of the reinforcement. I put him in the hole last night. 
  • An alt in a prober, to refresh the corp bookmarks regularly ahead of the operation
  • Getting my own fine ass into a RR Tempest (my F1AFK Geddon skills will come online during the bash and siege, and my other armour tanked ships are all BLOPs). 
  • Organising a small secure container at a safespot, so the batphone participants can be allowed to exit the hole freely, even if we aren't on to scan
  • A small amarr tower, fuel for 10 days, a dissy, SMA, component assembly array, and 6 small laser batteries, to provide a refuge POS for all and sundry during the siege
  • Some T2 large warp bubbles for rape cage
  • A selection of ammo for said POS, to keep the war effort stocked; someone always run out halfway through
  • Core probes and combat probes, and probe launchers, so people can be refit to GTFO the hole
  • Nanite paste so the overheat whores can repair their cooked points midway through the bash
  • A heron, magnate, imicus or probe hull to fit up for emergency GTFO ship in case anyone fucks up on the bookmark can location
Then, of course, aside from the machinations in getting the batphone ready, we have to organise the fleet to run at least a reasonable approximation of a similar tank, to simplify the logi's work; get people blued to each other; get everyone the correct comms, and finally, get them to the hisec.

This is the anatomy of running a successful wormhole assault. Some in the corp are old hands at this, others totally noob. In the end, it takes a little bit of prep, and knowing what you need ahead of time is the key, but fucking up preparation will see a lot of time wasted, frustrations, and people deciding its not worth their time.

 All going well, we should have the guns incapped in half an hour and the POS on its timer well within 3 hours. Then we can get down to the business f finding other idiots to shoot and camping for the pinata.

Seven P's. Do them.

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