Monday, 18 June 2018

The Raid

Last night I jumped a hole which apparently was crit - I didn't hear it chanting; often they don't when you first land on grid, and often EOL holes don't wobble, so you have to right-click, which I didn't - into a C2 and saw a whole bona fide Rorqual + Orca + mining fleet on d-scan.

Miskoranda was in her Astero, which I had just bought after I warehoused my old one when it got to 50 killmarks. So that wasn't ideal. What also wasn't ideal was that I forgot I was on my way to hand in 380M in Overseer loot. Welp, nothing else for it but to #YOLO.

So I warped onto grid and saw the Roqual leave. Were they on to me? 5 minutes of camping later I discerned that, no, they were not. We were left with an orca and 2 Hulks all within 5km of a Coesite rock (as an aside, coesite is a real world mineral created in asteroid impact sites, which is cool because CCP has done a bit of research on high pressure minerals to seed these moon belts with..../nerd)

So I reshipped TF from a Stratios into a Rattlesnake and hoofed it to the connection, and jumped in. The connection stayed up, which tells you all you need to know about how this would have gone if I had even a small batphone. But 0700 EVE time is a bit dead, so...#YOLO.

So I landed, pointed everything up, and blapped the 2 Hulks. Then I started on the Orca, though tbh I should have put my gecko on the Hulks and the RHML's on the Orca first, not the other way around, for when the Orca was in 30% structure the Athanor capped me out and I was in mid-reload when I had a Tengu, Ferox, Drake, Praxis pointing me.

So I MJD'd off, and warped out when the Athanor point decycled. Warped back to the entry hole, and jumped back...collapsing the hole. Which, realistically, is maybe what these guys are best off doing in future, I dunno.

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