Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Best loot drop ever

These Blood Gauntlet sites are dropping X-type loot out the wazoo!

Denial, Bargaining, Acceptance

[03:38:24] Margot Lee Orzolek > Trinkets friend i hear youve been reported in delve
[03:40:10] Trinkets friend > it wasn't me
[03:41:24] Trinkets friend > i know nothing about anything
[03:42:23] Trinkets friend > ok maybe its me
[03:46:05] Trinkets friend > Kill: Lord Bartuc (Proteus)

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Baiting 101

There is a view, amongst some, that veteran pilots cannot be baited. This is not a universal truth; a lot of people are bored and gung ho enough to take bait they know is bait, which leaves people unable to figure out what is bait as the other type who do take bait. Veterans who don't take bait are just cowards.

However, there's a few pointers about how you deploy bait. 

Firstly, your bait ship is dead. So if you're going to deploy bait, deploying a screen of alts into literally every adjoining system (wormhole or otherwise) is pretty dumb. Well, it's smart if you are a fraidypants coward unable to even countenance the potential loss of your ship, but let's put it this way; if you expend 4 alts in Asteros, Cheetahs and Helii to jump through every single one of your connections, that's 4 derpy RR alts or ECM alts you've disposed of just to see if you can handle the shit you're baiting.

Secondly, if you're going to deploy pickets to give you advanced warning that what you're baiting might be enough to kill your bait ship, don't use someone from the same corp as your bait. Especially not if you're, hypothetically, from Exit Strategy, and your deploy your Exit Strategy alt to Roniko, a shithole end of nowhere system with an hourly average of about 0 pilots in it. If anyone is going to come at you from Roniko, in this scenario, you will see them, yes. But they have already been stalking your Raven and will see the sole person in Roniko, and use toddler level maths to put 2 &2 together and say "Hurr durr."

Thirdly, make your bait believable. Raven running anoms in a C2? Believable. Good bait because you get to fit a grappler and scram. Not so great if you're using RHML's. No one rats with RHML's, and it's a PVP weapon. Plus you're from Exit Strategy and every single one of your kills is 8 vs 1 (plus those 4 alts to ensure it's 8 vs 1 and not 8 vs 8).

Fourthly, if you are yours are so fond of alt abuse you deploy half your fleet in cloaky eyes, why can't you rat for a few days and sink skill injectors into an out of corp alt? I mean, you're all living from a third party alt corp Fortizar in a C4, you surely can work out how to run a bait alt who only dies and doesn't get too many kills in WH's associated with you. Quareschlager was great at this, and we took many a QS bait. 

As bait taker, you often want to just get point and maybe put enough DPS on field to threaten the bait, and see what jumps to its aid. Staged escalation of definite bait, it's a thing. learn to do it. Maybe you small-blob a genuine ratter, and a few people miss the killmail. But you never go full retard, because it means the rescue fleet goes all in. Better to escalate with a small gang, get a small gang response, then fully escalate. 

Finally, as bait-taker, you have a responsibility to actually take the bait. But even with the most YOLO and Derring Do attitude, you do require your bait to have commitment. 20 minutes before down time, you're happy to dump 4 nano cruisers and a ceptor onto bait Raven. I mean, it's a Raven, you don't take Raven bait hard, you come in at range maybe with a Maulus Navy to deal with Coward Drive, and you trigger that bait knowing that it's a 'pro1337' WH PVP group and they'll be bringing 4 DPS and 3 Guards and you just waltz away and maybe smack a Sabre. 

And this is TF's Bait Making and Bait Taking 101. In short, cowardice, KB efficiency angst, and lack of balls denied everyone a bit of fun just before down time. In the BUGRY days, we'd have had a shitty alt (or a Nereus) schlepping about completely solo, chain un-scouted, with 4 mains in gank Moas and 4 alts in Scythes and Blackbirds, or similar, and would just deal with whatever came. 

And we would get kills. And the odd Nereus would die when it was clear it was being blobbed to fuckery. Zero fucks were given.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Vale, Alarm Clock Ops

I think it's been long enough to say it definitively: Citadels are boring AF. They are crushing content creation. They are non-interactive and, especially in wormholes, discourage content.

Their effect on content creation is one of their "features", being that the defender gets a window of vulnerability in which it can be assaulted. The effect isn't that Citadels cannot and are not being destroyed, but that the effort of destruction isn't even going ahead. This is because the old dynamic of the 40 hour reinforcement is gone, replaced by predictable defender-friendly timers.

That's not all bad, I guess. EVE is a fairly antisocial game and not family friendly (ask my wife) and Citadels rebase the risk to times of the day and week that the defender can more usually be present to defend their shit, and not leave it vulnerable to off-hours attacks which can only be defended against via designing your POS to be boring, unfeasible, or too deadly for casual attack.

But this means that timers can't be gamed. You also have to face 3 of them, so the whole process drags out for such a inconveniently long period of time that it's essentially boredom defence in a way that can't be gamed (via Trashcats, diplomacy, or brute strength)

The DPS cap, meant to protect the weaker Astrahus and Fortizar from capital blobbing in lowsec and nullsec, basically means it's 30 minutes, flat, to achieve each stage. So there's a limited incentive for more people to get involved than is necessary.

The microscopic vulnerability windows, especially in w-space, also drastically reduces the opportunities for "fuck it why not" content creation. No more LOLfit POSs getting RFed and nubs learned.

Indeed, a properly installed Citadel which isn't coathangered on anchoring, is to all intensive porpoises invulnerable on a years-long timeline.

We still have POSs for moon goo and some capital build-outs. That's about the only alarm clock ops on offer, and the churn rate of moon goo POSs is very low. This is even with the lack of other opportunities for hotdrop o'clock content from Citadels anchoring. The alliances and coalitions which own the goo fountains maintain them as part of sov, or entrenched "ownership" of pockets of lowsec.

It will be a sad day when the moon goo POSs get swapped over to Citadels or Mining Platforms. The reality is that the only fights occurring on goo POSs are structures to take advantage of a percieved weakness in the TZ manpower of the owner, their logistical capacities eg; ability to bridge, cyno, reposition or wormhole back to the asset when it is attacked, and their batphone / blues list or reputation. Few get attacked by naive corporations just wandering in to lowsec and RFing a Cadmium moon for shits and giggles under Shadow Cartel's noses, and this gambit succeeding.

Citadelization of goo POSs will strangle the only realistic fifth column tactic available to a smaller organisation versus some of the absentee landlords, which is an alarm clock op that sees the attacker gain a benefit over the defender. If the timers and vulnerabilities of Mining Arrays are equivalent to Citadels, this will see these assets attackable only by people able to go head to head with the owners.

I'm sure the owners will sockpuppet themselves on the EVE-O feedback thread claiming that vulnerable goo POSs equals economic death and blah blah blah, but the reality is that no structure - POS or a vulnerable Citadel - can withstand a decent cap fleet, so why do Citadels need to be locked down for the vast majority of the TZ's and hours of the day? It's got nothing to do with the maths of siege; it's entirely to do with firewalling your shit behind artificial timer lockouts to prevent annoyance for you, and deny content to others.

This is something CCP needs to be wary of. And CCP needs to also add more danger to wormhole Citadels. Like, seriously, 8 hours a week?

30 Cerbs vs 1 Rag

The following video catches the last 10 minutes (minus a minute or so of us reshipping) of what began, as usual, with a S199 opening up in Heimatar and someone stumbling through to see a Chimera out ratting.

We burned the Chimera down just before his rescue squad arrived (RIP) for the loss of a Rattlesnake and a Stiletto (Deklein BR somewhat borked).

They followed us through the hole into lowsec, en masse, and, well....we facerolled them with carriers and a Rag. We lost the Machariel due to some good work on behalf of the Keres, who range damped out logi so hardcore it was ineffective.

Heimatar BR.

You can notice Miskoranda's Scythe Fleet Issue diving south in the second engagement, dogpiled by all the tackle and drones. This resulted in four kills for the Scythe Fleet and distracted my whoring efforts with my own carrier. I am also rather a nub at carriers so far, so I am still learning the ropes. I probably should have stayed in the Barghest, but it's hard to know if it wouldn't have been primed.

GF's all round.