Monday, 9 July 2018

Police Brutality

[ 2018.07.09 23:20:35 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Ofage
[ 2018.07.09 23:36:36 ] Nick Devarti > anyone alive?
[ 2018.07.09 23:36:41 ] Nick Devarti > in local chat?
[ 2018.07.09 23:36:53 ] Basileios Schwarz > o7
[ 2018.07.09 23:37:19 ] Nick Devarti > i see to be having an issue where I cannot dock in  Ofage - Freeport
[ 2018.07.09 23:37:25 ] Nick Devarti > does that occur for any of you?
[ 2018.07.09 23:37:58 ] Basileios Schwarz > yep - same here - I was able to dock, but now it is not on the overview anymore
[ 2018.07.09 23:38:20 ] Nick Devarti > great lol i docked my fenrir in there
[ 2018.07.09 23:38:41 ] Nick Devarti > any idea why?
[ 2018.07.09 23:38:48 ] Basileios Schwarz > it's back
[ 2018.07.09 23:38:51 ] Basileios Schwarz > try now
[ 2018.07.09 23:38:56 ] Nick Devarti > fuck yes
[ 2018.07.09 23:39:11 ] Nick Devarti > thanks man lol
[ 2018.07.09 23:39:14 ] Nick Devarti > i got scared for a min
[ 2018.07.09 23:39:17 ] Basileios Schwarz > (no need to thank me, I didn't do a thing)
[ 2018.07.09 23:39:21 ] Basileios Schwarz > pure coincidence
[ 2018.07.09 23:39:49 ] Basileios Schwarz > I think it was a bug or smth
[ 2018.07.09 23:39:56 ] Basileios Schwarz > fly safe friend o7
[ 2018.07.09 23:40:02 ] Nick Devarti > you too lol
[ 2018.07.09 23:40:06 ] Nick Devarti > time to head back to jita
[ 2018.07.09 23:40:13 ] Basileios Schwarz > NO
[ 2018.07.09 23:40:17 ] Basileios Schwarz > don't go that way
[ 2018.07.09 23:40:20 ] Nick Devarti > why not
[ 2018.07.09 23:40:21 ] Nick Devarti > ?
[ 2018.07.09 23:40:26 ] Basileios Schwarz > Messoya is camped
[ 2018.07.09 23:40:37 ] Basileios Schwarz > only if you can jump
[ 2018.07.09 23:40:47 ] Basileios Schwarz > don't go through Messoya
[ 2018.07.09 23:40:48 ] Nick Devarti > seriously
[ 2018.07.09 23:40:50 ] Basileios Schwarz > pirates everywhere
[ 2018.07.09 23:40:55 ] Nick Devarti > Yeah but im going through all of highsec
[ 2018.07.09 23:41:28 ] Nick Devarti > MR logistic you here for a fight?
[ 2018.07.09 23:42:40 ] Nick Devarti > zandr
[ 2018.07.09 23:42:42 ] Nick Devarti > please dont
[ 2018.07.09 23:42:47 ] Nick Devarti > please.
[ 2018.07.09 23:42:51 ] Nick Devarti > let me go
[ 2018.07.09 23:42:56 ] Nick Devarti > i beg
[ 2018.07.09 23:43:04 ] Nick Devarti > i am a nice person
[ 2018.07.09 23:43:11 ] Nick Devarti > Zandryx
[ 2018.07.09 23:43:20 ] Nick Devarti > please!
[ 2018.07.09 23:43:25 ] Nick Devarti > ZANDR
[ 2018.07.09 23:43:26 ] Nick Devarti > NO
[ 2018.07.09 23:43:27 ] Nick Devarti > PLEASE
[ 2018.07.09 23:43:31 ] Nick Devarti > NO CYNo
[ 2018.07.09 23:43:31 ] Nick Devarti > PLEASE

A cyno is lit, and a posse of Police Skinned Marshals (and some poor cunts in Panthers) jump in

[ 2018.07.09 23:43:39 ] Not Orious > ALL OFFICERS RESPOND
[ 2018.07.09 23:43:40 ] Sinshisko Van Raynar > Excuse me sir, are you carrying any contraband?
[ 2018.07.09 23:43:45 ] Nick Devarti > No!
[ 2018.07.09 23:43:50 ] Nick Devarti > I have tritanium!
[ 2018.07.09 23:43:51 ] Nick Devarti > thats all!
[ 2018.07.09 23:43:54 ] Nick Devarti > I can prove it!
[ 2018.07.09 23:44:00 ] Nick Devarti > please !
[ 2018.07.09 23:44:01 ] Sinshisko Van Raynar > have you paid the toll on that?
[ 2018.07.09 23:44:03 ] Nick Devarti > I am nice!
[ 2018.07.09 23:44:06 ] Nick Devarti > whats the toll?
[ 2018.07.09 23:44:08 ] Nick Devarti > ill pay it
[ 2018.07.09 23:44:09 ] Nick Devarti > if you let me go
[ 2018.07.09 23:44:11 ] Nick Devarti > Ill pay it
[ 2018.07.09 23:44:20 ] Not Orious > I need you to calm down sir
[ 2018.07.09 23:44:27 ] Nick Devarti > sorry.
[ 2018.07.09 23:44:28 ] Not Orious > (officers, draw your weapons)
[ 2018.07.09 23:44:33 ] Nick Devarti > Im borrowing this ship!!!please
[ 2018.07.09 23:44:38 ] Nick Devarti > ill give you my stuff
[ 2018.07.09 23:44:41 ] Nick Devarti > i just want peace
[ 2018.07.09 23:44:52 ] Sinshisko Van Raynar > who are you borrowing it from
[ 2018.07.09 23:44:59 ] Nick Devarti > My corporation leader.
[ 2018.07.09 23:45:00 ] Trinkets friend > I need a Fenrir to move my ice for refining
[ 2018.07.09 23:45:03 ] Nick Devarti > I do not have money.
[ 2018.07.09 23:45:07 ] Nick Devarti > please I am poor.
[ 2018.07.09 23:45:08 ] Sinshisko Van Raynar > does he know about it or have you stolen it ?
[ 2018.07.09 23:45:12 ] Trinkets friend > Can I borrow it for 20 minutes?
[ 2018.07.09 23:45:16 ] Nick Devarti > He knows about it!
[ 2018.07.09 23:45:28 ] Nick Devarti > i am moving 10 million tritanium, a tayra, and expanded cargo holds.
[ 2018.07.09 23:45:38 ] Nick Devarti > ugh.
[ 2018.07.09 23:45:41 ] Trinkets friend > Actually, can you move my ice for me?
[ 2018.07.09 23:45:52 ] Nick Devarti > sure. I can do whatever you need
[ 2018.07.09 23:45:55 ] Sinshisko Van Raynar > you might want a lawyer present
[ 2018.07.09 23:45:56 ] Nick Devarti > aslong as I can move my tri.
[ 2018.07.09 23:45:59 ] Nick Devarti > ugh
[ 2018.07.09 23:46:02 ] Nick Devarti > great
[ 2018.07.09 23:46:04 ] Trinkets friend > ice first, sir
[ 2018.07.09 23:46:06 ] Nick Devarti > i screwed up lol
[ 2018.07.09 23:46:13 ] Nick Devarti > are you playing with me?
[ 2018.07.09 23:46:17 ] Nick Devarti > or will you let me go if I move stuff
[ 2018.07.09 23:46:23 ] Nick Devarti > im willing to do that
[ 2018.07.09 23:46:29 ] Trinkets friend > Warp to Wiskeber
[ 2018.07.09 23:46:42 ] Nick Devarti > will I get ganked by pirates?
[ 2018.07.09 23:46:45 ] Nick Devarti > ill go if I dont get ganked
[ 2018.07.09 23:46:48 ] Not Orious > no pirates here, only officers
[ 2018.07.09 23:46:52 ] Sinshisko Van Raynar > there are no pirates here
[ 2018.07.09 23:46:55 ] Trinkets friend > sir, we are police, you will be protected
[ 2018.07.09 23:46:59 ] Sinshisko Van Raynar > we make sure they dont appear here
[ 2018.07.09 23:47:00 ] Nick Devarti > Oh!
[ 2018.07.09 23:47:04 ] Nick Devarti > ok
[ 2018.07.09 23:47:15 ] Nick Devarti > im disrupted
[ 2018.07.09 23:47:17 ] Nick Devarti > i cant warp
[ 2018.07.09 23:47:29 ] Trinkets friend > align to Mateber gate, sir
[ 2018.07.09 23:47:29 ] Sinshisko Van Raynar > align to mateber first
[ 2018.07.09 23:48:08 ] Nick Devarti > are you friendly people?
[ 2018.07.09 23:48:19 ] Sinshisko Van Raynar > my mom thinks I am
[ 2018.07.09 23:48:22 ] Trinkets friend > We are. We just need some boring logistics completed
[ 2018.07.09 23:48:23 ] Nick Devarti > thats nice
[ 2018.07.09 23:48:44 ] Nick Devarti > as long as you protect me i can move your stuff lol
[ 2018.07.09 23:48:52 ] Trinkets friend > ok, warp over, sir
[ 2018.07.09 23:48:57 ] Sinshisko Van Raynar > ok warp to mateber
[ 2018.07.09 23:48:59 ] Nick Devarti > here we go.
[ 2018.07.09 23:49:20 ] Nick Devarti > can you invite me to your fleet?

We warp to Mateber and continue in Fleet Chat

Nick Devarti > i was hoping to move and afk warp to jita.
Nick Devarti > Ok
Nick Devarti > oh my goodness
Lennont Lemmont > unfortunetly your ship has been deemed dangerous
Nick Devarti > a titan!!!!
Not Orious > lol
Nick Devarti > I have never seen one!!!
Nick Devarti > holy cow!!!!
Lennont Lemmont > you will be reimbursed
Trinkets friend > \o/
Nick Devarti > wait
Nick Devarti > what?
Nick Devarti > wheres the ice
Trinkets friend > in my scotch
Nick Devarti > NO
Nick Devarti > PLEASE

Then he got Doomsdayed

Nick Devarti > oh my goodness.
Lennont Lemmont > reimbursement has been sent
Nick Devarti > WHoa
Trinkets friend > and that's your first doomsday
Nick Devarti > IM TAKING A VIDEO
Nick Devarti > OF THIS
Nick Devarti > OH MY GOSH
Not Orious > congratulations
Nick Devarti > I WAS KILLED BY A TITAN!!!!
Trinkets friend > <3
Nick Devarti > OH MY GOODNESS
Nick Devarti > THIS IS AMAZING
Nick Devarti > why the 2 bill isk tho?
Nick Devarti > I am so thankful!
Nick Devarti > but why?
Trinkets friend > Because we had a lot of fun
Not Orious > come again some time
Lennont Lemmont > OFFICER DOWN
Trinkets friend > have you ever used a titan bridge?
Nick Devarti > NO THIS IS SO COOL
Nick Devarti > LOL
Lennont Lemmont > warp to mateber gate
Rengas > these aren't even the cool titans
Nick Devarti > IK
Nick Devarti > im screensharing with my CEO
Rengas > everyone knows leviathan is the best
Nick Devarti > oh my gosh
ROSSLINDEN0 > come to mateber
Nick Devarti > WTF
Lennont Lemmont > sometimes crime pays
Nick Devarti > im shaking rn
Nick Devarti > this is the coolest thing ive ever seen
Nick Devarti > what alliance are you guys apart of????
Lennont Lemmont > <url=showinfo:16159//99006970>The Ivana Trading Federation Federation</url>
Not Orious > the ivana trading federation of the ivana trading federation federation
Not Orious > part of the coalition The Ivana Trading Federation Federation Federation
Nick Devarti > can my corporation apply to join you?
Nick Devarti > The cool thing is I can fly a dread or a super carrier
Nick Devarti > but Im so poor rn i cant afford it
Nick Devarti > I have a naglfar and a revelation at malia that my corp uses
Nick Devarti > but no weapons
Lennont Lemmont > we will discuss this, but recruitment is very tight right now
Nick Devarti > now I can afford them!!!!!!!
Lennont Lemmont > jump into mateber
Nick Devarti > can I add one of you as a contract?
Lennont Lemmont > you may
Nick Devarti > holy shit
Nick Devarti > this is amazing
Nick Devarti > ITS SO BIG
Nick Devarti > LOL
Lennont Lemmont > right click the titan
Lennont Lemmont > and "jump to ofage"
Nick Devarti > That was amazing
Nick Devarti > i am putting it on youtube
ROSSLINDEN0 > please remember this area is under police patrol 24/7. other areas of lowsec are very dangerous
ROSSLINDEN0 > you should avoid those areas
Nick Devarti > Yes
Nick Devarti > I know

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

What's wrong with this image?

Yes, I did in fact manage to finish a data site in a C3 in a Nereus with no hacking mods whilst baiting. Made 13M ISK in data crap.

Then the locals, who I had been hoping would dump something on the Planet Dollaz and get a 7th kill mark on it, decided to drop a Stratios on the lowsec static. That didn't go so well.

So, what did we learn today?

  1. You don't need no damn Astero to run data sites in safety. Just take a Nereus. Ain't nobody dropping on that bitch.
  2. ??
  3. ??
  4. Profit!

Rolling Metabreaker

Soo.... you know the Rolling Sigil which I found out about in March?

Great for confusing risk-averse kilogram counting bears! Wait till they're in hardcore rolling fugue and YOLO through their camp of T3's on their static (a cloak + 100MN AB trick does wonders here) and shave 200M kg's off their static so that they cannot figure out the maths and can't figure out WTF you are up to when their static goes crit at the wrong time, leaving them stuck to your lowsec dungheap for 24 hours because they're afeared of your cynosural fields and gatecamps.

Literally gold plated fun (depends - do you have a SKIN for yours?)

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Bin Day

Sometimes, you have to clean up the trash.

Athanor 1

Athanor 2

Athanor 3 (KM redacted for security reasons)

Heimatar lowsec is the cleanest* space in the game, change my mind.

* - no fucking citadel dandruff on your overview. Please visit for a calm astronautic flight experience.

Monday, 2 July 2018

"Something is wrong with our bloody ships!"

So is the quote attributed to Lord Jellicoe in the Battle of Jutland when the British Battlecruisers were popping like champagne corks under fire from the German dreadnoughts. It was probably poor design of the magazines and poor discipline in the magazine and turrets with cordite charges. Ammo choice sank ships.

Tonight I dropped a buffer gank Cyclone into a bubble in nullsec where a Gila was camping, with a battle Falcon to jam his drones out. It did not go to plan;

So, HAM application versus a shield fit cruiser is...worse than a single fucking medium drone apparently.

Plus missing 4 jams in a row on the dude's drones, and I was lucky to get out both my ships in structure when, on paper I had 70K EHP, 720 DPS Cyclone versus an ASB fit Gila with 500 DPS and 54K EHP (buffer plus charges).

In reality I had 150 DPS because, somehow, HAM application vs cruisers is 10%.

Fuck this game is bullshit sometimes.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

The debate of proper Execquror Fits

So, today in a public roams channel (Redemption Road; weekly, almost daily US TZ roams for noobs!) newbros were sharing Execquror fits.

They were the classic terrible looking pastiche of 3 RR's, cap stable, single prop. Stuff you just plonk on grid (like a noob) and rep solidly at your team (like a noob) and invariably die in by the dozens.

So I shared the dualprop fit I use. C.f;

[Exequror, Dualprop]

Reactor Control Unit II
800mm Steel Plates II
Damage Control II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Energized Explosive Membrane II
Medium Ancillary Armor Repairer, Nanite Repair Paste

10MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
50MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive
Small Capacitor Booster II, Navy Cap Booster 400
Small Capacitor Booster II, Navy Cap Booster 400

Medium Remote Armor Repairer II
Medium Remote Armor Repairer II
Medium Remote Armor Repairer II

Medium Remote Repair Augmentor I
Medium Ancillary Current Router I
Medium Trimark Armor Pump I

Warrior II x5
Hornet EC-300 x5

Nanite Repair Paste x64
Navy Cap Booster 400 x4

Then, shortly after sharing this, some fuckboi pipes up that this is the most terrible fit ever. "You can't even fit 400's in small cap boosters (wrong). It's not cap stable (wrong...for any given amount of cap 400's). The AAR is useless (wrong)." he declaimed like a cucked husband discovering black trouser snake in his wife's ass. "It's too complicated for noobs to fly."

He claimed (with no evidence) he was an elite wormhole logi pilot. He claimed he never lost anything, or that's what I infer when we discussed Ming Sun-Tzu's Vexor loss to 3 Prophecies when I was solo Augoror logi - yes, solo Augoror and 69K damage taken; a failure to logi because a T1 cruiser died to 1500 DPS after 7 minutes of tanking. 

Yeah, no shit sherlock, you're going to lose a ship when you're 3 vs 1 + solo Augoror. That's what happens, you fucking genius, but the point is, the dualprop fit can rep and rep gud.

But let's compare this to other fits and wargame why the dualprop is so awesome and just sitting there like a cocksucker 'doing reps' standard Execquror fit. For a start let's do a typical MWD Execquror with cap stability. Oh, wait, you practicabily cannot.

[Exequror, MWD Reps]

Damage Control II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
800mm Steel Plates II
Reactor Control Unit II
Explosive Plating II

Medium Cap Battery II
50MN Cold-Gas Enduring Microwarpdrive
Cap Recharger II
Small Capacitor Booster II, Navy Cap Booster 400

Medium Remote Armor Repairer II
Medium Remote Armor Repairer II
Medium Remote Armor Repairer II

Medium Remote Repair Augmentor I
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I
Medium Remote Repair Augmentor I

So this gets 3 minutes 34s cap stability, and is stable with the cap booster. It has 1K more EHP base, costs 1M ISK more, and is therefore actually significantly more useless than the DualProp fit. Why?

  1. You have an AAR; when some fucktard sicks a flight of hammerheads onto you, you can tank them with pulsed AAR for ages, without calling for reps from any other logi or, indeed, without being driven off while a solo logi. 
  2. You have an AAR you can use to tank a tackling frigate, for at least 5 minutes. Buffer setups will just die.
  3. You have a dualprop; if you get scrammed by a tackle frigate, you put your AB on and keep moving, keep transversal, shed incoming DPS, maybe get out of scram range.
  4. You have a dualprop; you MWD to range and swap to an AB to preserve capacitor and keep your transversal up, etc.
  5. You have a dualprop; if people come after you whilst on AB, you decycle and swap to MWD to keep away from them and their DPS
  6. You have cap injectors; if you get neuted you inject capacitor. The buffer fit has a battery, which gives resistance, but cap dead is cap dead. Two injectors is better than one. Sure, you run out eventually, but do we not see people (eg, Lussy Lou) taking cap injected ships into combat all the time? Guess they're gonna die. 
So, having said this again, I've now said it again; dualprop Execquror is the way to go. Gladly for me, no one seems to grok this significant truth, and they keep throwing shit fit, immobile clusterfuck mobiles you can immobilise with a ceptor or anything with a scram, who get driven off by a flight of drones or three. 

But remember: random shithead alt flies logi for elite wormholers and their logi is so stronk they never let anything die. It's got to be those fuckboi cowards who drop fleets with 40-60% guards. 

Finally - yeah, the dualprop execquoror takes serious skills to fly. So fucking learn, people. Learn by losing. Failure is how you get good. 

Friday, 22 June 2018

Touch Each Others Balls

The great (read: shit) thing about dread bombs is always that you are all at zero on each other's cynos.

See, eg; the recent counter-droppage in Estaunitte as recorded by Rist.

These sort of fights are always essentially a matter of attrittion; he who hath the most capitals wins. Very occasionally, say, in nullsec, you might see a group cyno in at range and utilise long range guns, but usually the long range work is done by carriers and supers.

This is what you get, basically, from the Siege module (and why, generally, you don't see too many people dropping Marauders in Bastion). The module is arguably holding back decent meta development in EVE and increasingly resulting in agglomeration of groups into ever-bigger coagulants so they can drop more dreads than the foe.

Sure, the emergency DCU has provided a small change, because who doesn't like cycling onto a secondary and waiting out the EDCU then finishing the dread off? It's not like it's going anywhere, stuck in siege as it is.

I dunno. Seems like CCP Fozzie could get his head around a new mechanic for Dreadnoughts.

Another interesting thing is the use of the Leshak in Rist's video. Or, perhaps, the misuse. For a ship that needs to spool up to full DPS over 45 seconds or more, swapping primary as quickly as they did there is kinda a bit pointless. Beyond of course, waving your shiny wang-ship about in space.

Also notable is the face the apoc fleet sat perfectly still for several minutes. I guess their foes didn't pack and anti-subcap dreads, so more fool them. Mayhaps one could suggest that, in future, since it's nice using caps and all but a bit of anti-support would go a long way.

But what do I know?