Friday, 8 June 2018

Explain this to me...

CCP gives out a free tier 1 filament to each account. Is this a sign that no one is doing the content? Or just CCP trying to be nice?

Consider that Abyssal Depths took 1.75 trillion in 10 days, and only 0.6 T in the next 5; the rate of people dying is steadily declining, meaning either people are getting better (nope) or less people are doing it.

Chessur has been on Reddit shitcanning the Vedmak's ability to be FOTM solo nano kite boat. Apart from trying to use it for a purpose not intended (a great EVE motif) he does have some solid points, backed up by a couple of tweaks to fitting capacity and stats made in the last week.

I mean, does Chessur fly the Aug Navy? I don't think so, because it's just not good for what Chessur does (which is be the self-professed best player in EVE). Doesn't mean the Navy Augoror is shit, though.

Meanwhile, Lussy Lou is showing off a 100MN Vedmak with Abyssal mods (because the fitting was too tight to make it fit otherwise, tbh) and doing OK in limited engagements. See below.

So square peg, round hole I guess.

But Chessur is right; why start out an engagement at less than peak DPS? It's a dumb mechanic, because the normal ship will be doing the same DPS at the end as at the start.

Instead, we have people using Leshaks to pop POCOs in Hisec. Thumbs up for this expansion!

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