Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Logistics Run

The constrictions of our war with Deadly Fingertips mean that one has to go through some unfortunate gymnastics to do the daily milk run. Yesterday the milk run saw me come out in Genesis and required a run to Amarr with 1.4B in loot, PI and various other crap. Of course, it's utter stupidity to take that to a trade hub during a war with a toon in corporation, so I set a waypoint on the autopilot to meet one of my alts 2 jumps out of Amarr. The route took me through two lowsec systems - Beke and Vecamia.

The EVE map, and specifically the distribution of low security systems, is I believe intentionally evil, with the shortcuts between market hubs and regions (or, really, regions as CCP did not mandate where the hubs would form) in almost all cases constricted by lowsec interfaces. There are often famous places to go to die to gate camps, and the habitat of a particularly unappealing type of "PVP" done by (generally speaking) cowards with no real skill at fighting anything. Rancer, Aunenen, Gonditsa, Amamake, Vecamia. One gets to know them quite well after a while and avoids them.

But not today, for i took my Prowler for a spin and passed through, noting as I sprinted through Local with jazz hands style cloaking, Beke was being camped by a Gnosis, and Vecamia by a Damnation. So, my fabulous exchange with my alt complete and 1.4B in loot sold onto market and ISK transferred to the proper beneficiaries, I did a u-turn and came back via Vecamia (same Damnation) and Beke (same Gnosis).

I chivvied the lads into action, and undocked my Sigil, reasoning that the Nereus was a well known quantity and wanted to guarantee some kills. So out we came, and i jumped into Beke and pantomimed trying to get off gate from the Gnosis I somehow hadnt noticed. The guy duly obliged in his piracy, and paid the price.

Flush with success, we trotted 8 jumps down the road to Vecamia, and I docked TF up and boarded my Chimera, just in case I needed to assign some fighters, because for some strange reason I happen to have one lying around there. Coincidence? You tell me.

So, in jumps the Sigil, and the elite PVPer in the Damnation chomps down hard on the bait, including a dose of neuting, which I combat by not pointing him till the last moment and running a small nos on overheat and pressing the point immediately the nos cycles. He assplodes moments before attempting to jump to hisec with a suspect timer. Womp womp.

He accuses us of blobbing. I find this amusing. It seems that blobbing now consists of deploying a bait hauler, encouraging someone to attack it because he has a hugely tanked command ship and is preying on defenceless haulers, and then killing him while he tries to chicken out of his aggression and/or (usually) would have RR on field to attempt to assist him.

The Chimera stays docked. But one day, there will be a reckoning.


  1. You didn't know, anytime you attack pirates you are either blobbing or blop-ing. That's the only way pirates die ;)

  2. Funny thing - Feyd, the damnation guy, is an Eve blogger too: Small world, huh. Looks like he was so bored with highsec wardecs, that resorted to camping lowsec pipe and shedding tears about not being able to blap some crappy hauler.

  3. I'm not really one for tears, but hearing that the damnation pilot (blog link inbound) was whining about getting blobbed is sweet irony considering that he in fact coaches new players on the art killing mission ships (i.e. - using frigates to bait bling battleships). The fact that when presented with a taste of his own medicine; delicious bait (and he bit), that he has the gumption to whine about it is... interesting.

    For your consideration (blog posts):
    Damnation Sexy Times:!/2014/11/damnation-sexy-times.html
    Delicious Tears:!/2014/07/delicious-tears.html
    Golem-Bear Beheading:!/2014/07/metagasm-redux.html

    1. It's just huge ego. The way it works is this;
      Nerd sits down and plays EVE for 6 months, tells other nerds what to do. he's an FC, and is elite.
      Nerd then forms a corp and pulls in a few friends. he's now CEO and elite.
      Nerd writes blog and writes how-to's, he's now part of the community and is 'elite'.

      Nerd sits in Vecamia ganking haulers all day long and gets his arse handed to him, it flies in the face of all the eliteness he's built up. He's dazed and confused by the loss.'s just a hauler. A Sigil can't tank anything. I had him neuted, he didn't point me right till the end when his mates hit local, and then i died. This is weird, unprecedented, the game doesn't go his way and therefore it's the fault of the people shooting him, not his fault for not actually respecting the cunning of other people and their eliteness (insofar as PYFA-ing up bizarre monstrous Sigils and getting your timing down to the second is elite).

  4. Hi TF whats your thoughts on the upcoming minmatar t3d?


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