Monday, 12 January 2015

Demise of the Skynet War Library

This tale is tangentially related to the upcoming changes to bomber and fighter bomber scan res nerf, aka the Skynet Nerf.

EVE is a game that, apparently, is played by risk-averse middle-aged men with cryptorchidism - you take the absolute least-risk way of doing something, and then take even less risks, resulting in limp-wristed game play such as Skynet carriers.

You don't see too many Skynet carriers deployed in low-class wormholes, but they are there. Care Park was the owner of one of these lame sissies who PVPs with 13 fighters assigned to a ceptor.

Admiral Synergy, of Awakened Ones, found his way in there and saw them flipping POCOs. He began fighting them on the B274, and got a cloaky scout deployed a few klicks off the Skynet carrier. Sleeper Social Club supplied the stunt cock Ishtar blob, and being an untanked fucktard wagon it went down quick smart.

The best part? The library of expensive skillbooks in the cargo hold would make many school stations jealous. We also all like to put our drake BPO's in our Skynet carriers. Even better, fly a 3.5 billion ISK pod.

All in all, 8 billion ISK is a good shot to the nonexistant undescended cojones for being a risk-averse douche tard. That's a lot of PI and humping C1 anomalies for that idiot.

So, as you complain about the nerf to fighter and fighter bomber scan res, just realise - it's to nerf Skynet supers and Skynet carriers. If it takes the assigned fighters four times as long to begin applying their DPS, then it means it is 25% as lame to fight a ceptor with assigned fighters.


  1. Damn, that was you? Wish I would have online

    1. Well, we had one guy who woke up early enough, and humang who never sleeps found it. So.


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