Thursday, 15 October 2015

is EVE Pay-to-Whine?

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I am in favour. I would prefer if they capped the ability to inject SP's at 5 to 5.5M SP's (ie, limit it to 4,999,999 SP's so that after you jam 500K SP's in you have 5,500,000), but I cannot see any moral or game design reason to do this and I cannot see any great game-breaking or "EVE is not pay-to-win" reason not to.


See previous post, about Struggle Street. Imagine if you could take your Mining Barge 5, and for the cost of US$15, convert that into Caldari Cruiser 5, or the pre-requisites for HAC skill, which then allows you to avoid a month worth of being literally unable to do anything in your chosen field of gaming?

Imagine starting out in EVE, with 450K SP's, and in two weeks you get recruited into a wormhole corp. Then you can either bang relics like a mad ferret for two weeks, earn a billion ISK or so, turn around and jam 500K SP's into your head. Repeat when you can. Within a few weeks you are 5M SP's and starting to git gud at a few things.

Or you double-down and toss US$90 at the game and bingo bango you're at 5M SP's with the character name you want, no fuss. You can then start doing whatever you want with a clean slate, and you've cannibalised 500K of TF's unwanted and unneeded Exhumer's 4 skill which he never goddamn uses. Or that research skillset he never uses because he's moved on from that mistake.

Seriously. Anything that can assist with a newbro getting what is really a tragically woeful level of skill in something cannot be a bad thing. If it takes SP's off bittervets and transfers them to noobs with wads of cash, so what?

It's not pay to win, it's pay to whine in EVE right now.


  1. Whilst I don't care enough to think about how they might best implement such a system, I think anything that helps retain new or low skill point players into becoming useful fleet members is a good thing. What I can't fathom is why high SP players give two fucks about newbros getting a leg up. The only reason I can come up with is "I didn't get the help, why should they?" - which is so fucking juvenile that it makes any point they might try to articulate moot.

  2. +1 vote for this feature.
    Get rid of those unwanted skills bloating my now redundant alt.

    I prefer a SP transfer system over a character transfer system.


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