Saturday, 27 July 2013

Dark Alpha

I have been involved in an eviction in a C5 with C2 static this weekend. It has, of course, been a hell of a lot of camping and sharing imgur funnies and not a lot of PVP. Par for the course.

The C2 static has rolled up C2's with E545/N060 pairs (null/C5) twice, and we have had null connections a fair bit anyway. As an aside, just quickly, I've noticed a lot more null connections since Odyssey than I did before. Maybe it's just the observer effect, but it makes sense; more null connections equals more people wandering relatively safely from highsec, equals more exploration.

Back to the matter at hand.

Our visits to nullsec have gathered me two kills; one on my alt where I tackled a Cruor in my newest Cheetah fit (MASB) until it got blapped by the T3's. The other was a rather poorly fit Rattlesnake piloted by a nub. He was in system on undock, with a Domi, Talos and Ishkur, and warped to a belt right in front of me with 3 hostiles in system. We were certain it was bait, and gladly took it, because we were so, so bored. When we jumped into system, his mates docked and left him to die. GG, nulltards, gg.

In the vicinity were several jump bridges.

Camping JB's with arty Panthers is something I've wanted to do for ages. I've had misgivings about the whole thing; it's a very expensive way to do it, it is of course very risky (which is the whole point, of course) - the POS could easily get a scram off on you and pink sock you, hardcore.

However, the way most JB's are set up - to defend against hotdrops - provides an angle to exploit using MJD's and sensor boosters out the wazoo. With 3 arty Panthers properly set up you could easily be the one pink socking all manner of people jumping blind into the system.

The below, with requisite 3% implants, has a 5030 alpha, with 7.8s reload when heated (ie; 2 shots) and maths in its favour.

[Panther, Dark Alpha]
Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer
Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer
1600mm Reinforced Steel Plates II
Dark Blood Reactor Control Unit
Dark Blood Armor EM Hardener
Dark Blood Armor Thermic Hardener

Sensor Booster II, Scan Resolution Script
Sensor Booster II, Targeting Range Script
Sensor Booster II, Targeting Range Script
Large Micro Jump Drive
100MN Microwarpdrive II

1200mm Artillery Cannon II, Domination Fusion L
1200mm Artillery Cannon II, Domination Fusion L
1200mm Artillery Cannon II, Domination Fusion L
1200mm Artillery Cannon II, Domination Fusion L
1200mm Artillery Cannon II, Domination Fusion L
Caldari Navy Cloaking Device
[empty high slot]
[empty high slot]

Large Projectile Collision Accelerator II
Large Targeting System Subcontroller I

+ drones

The maths work like this;
JB anchored 20km outside POS shield
You sit 60km out from the JB
When the JB activates, you align out, faceroll F1 through F5 (Cloak, SeBo's, Guns).
Lock the target (3.7s on a cruiser) and shoot, then activate MJD
You get a second shot off about a second before you blink
You are now 180km away from the POS and if the POS has only small guns like they do, you are outside it's range, nearly out of dissy range (if its got scrams, just warp off), and if not targeted just cloak.

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